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Growing up I always had a pencil and paper in hand. Drawing and painting were a preoccupation of mine. Art was my favorite subject in school.

In later years while pursuing a professional career I was always drawn to an art outlet of sorts to satisfy my creative desires.

I explored pottery, sculpture, drawing, painting and jewelry design and fabrication.

More recently, after retiring from a lengthy working profession I decided to refocus my energies on my art interests. I discovered mixed media, collage and assemblage.

I understood immediately this medium would allow me to investigate and express my inner creativity.

My other passions include golfing, gardening, cooking, knitting and hiking with family and my little Westie Lexie.

Educational Experiences & Exhibitions 


Emily Carr University Music Box Gallery Capilano College Dean Croft Studio

North Vancouver Community Arts Council "Art in the Garden" 2018

Anonymous Art Show 2020 Cityscape Gallery North Vancouver

Group Juried Online Exhibition

The Gallery at The Cultch

Vancouver, BC

February 2021

(with Ginger Sedlarova and Valerie Arntzen) 

NSAG Spring Art Sale April 23 - May 8 2022

North Van Arts  "Art in the Garden" 2022

Spectrum Art Exhibition Silk Purse Arts Centre West Vancouver, June 2 - 26 2022

Anonymous Art Show 2022 City scape Gallery North Vancouver

North Van Arts "Art in the Garden" May 27/28 2023

Group/Juried Exhibition July 26-August 20 2023 with Lucy Anderson Samantha Harrison and SungEun Park

Silk Purse Arts Centre West Vancouver

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