Marliese Eilers


It's never too late to "Embrace the Artist Within"



As a child, I always dreamed of one day doing so much more than just figures in the sand, finger painting, or potato stamping. I wanted to be an artist. In my earlier years, I pursued interests in various mediums including drawing, painting, jewelry design and fabrication, pottery, and sculpture. 

More recently, after retiring from a lengthy professional career, I made the decision to refocus my energies on my art interests. I enrolled in a mixed media course at Emily Carr. I was hooked! I knew this was what I wanted to do. I could see that this medium could provide me with the freedom and permission to explore and express my inner creativity. Einstein once said, "Creativity is intelligence having fun!" 

My other life interests include cooking, golfing, hiking, and knitting. I am married and living on the North Shore. We share our home with our new Westie puppy "Lexie”, we have two children and 4 healthy grandchildren who I love to see.


Educational Experiences & Exhibitions 


Emily Carr University Music Box Gallery Capilano College Dean Croft Studio

North Vancouver Community Arts Council "Art in the Garden" 2018

Anonymous Art Show 2020


The Gallery at The Cultch

Vancouver, BC

February 2021

(with Ginger Sedlarova and Valerie Arntzen)